100 Doors Escape Room

100 Doors Escape Room

100 Doors Escape Room means 100 rooms to escape from using only your brilliance and logical thinking, which we invite you to do right now, after which we will explain how to do it! On our website, 100 Door Escape Room will be one of the most fascinating and expansive escape room games online with puzzles.

The puzzles will become more difficult as you progress deeper into the English castle from which you are attempting to flee. Each level has a different door through which you can escape. You can only leave the room if you enter it, so solve the puzzles that each level throws at you to unlock the doors and see if you can complete all one hundred levels. Are you prepared? Begin right away, and if you like what you see, stay for more of the same, because it's only possible here!

How To Play

  • Control on a mobile device - touch/swipe on game elements on the screen.
  • PC control - left mouse click on game elements.

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